New Eco-Friendly GCX Series Emulsion

New GCX Provides Performance and Value over Petroleum Emulsions

Green Chem Coatings GCX series aqueous wax emulsions provide many advantages over petroleum (paraffin) and synthetic wax emulsions. First, the performance is comparable to paraffin and other blended wax emulsions and it is highly stable. Second, the ingredients are easily sourced and manufacturers don’t have to worry about supply chain issues and the resulting price fluctuations. And third, it is an all natural product;  a true renewable “green” product that supports the environment and agriculture.

We pay close attention to quality control during the manufacturing process, giving customers a stable consistent, homogenized, amniotic emulsion that easily blends into their formulations.

There are many applications for which this formula is an ideal solution. As internal sizing agent in paper manufacturing, it can offer a number of advantages over ASA (alkyl succinic anhydride). The first is ease of use. GCX emulsions are highly stable and can be stored for months. The product requires a simple stir and can be directly poured into the paper making process without causing “picking” or creating runnability problems. Made from renewable materials, GCX not only helps companies achieve their environmental goals, it can do so at a considerable savings over  ASA.

It also can be used as an additive to paints, coatings, and inks.

GCX-155 is available in drum, tote, or bulk tank quantities. We would be happy to provide samples for evaluation in your application.